This range of high quality display boat kits include comprehensive step by step instructions, superb wood selection, metal and plastic fittings, full rigging and sails where appropriate.

For younger modellers

There are simple models to start with in the Junior series.
Series Universal
This range of larger static display boats have pre-shaped solid wood hulls, with detailed construction and fittings. The kits include many pre-cut wood parts, cast metal fittings, rigging, sails and wood stand.
Series Atlantis
This range of highly detailed static display boat kits come with well detailed construction plans & written instructions. These plank on frame kits include high quality strip wood & many pre-cut wooden parts, cast and turned metal fittings, rigging, and cloth sails.

80833 HMS VICTORY 111cm ref:5501393

A fitting tribute to the World's most famous ship almost 200 years after the battle of Trafalgar, this 43 inch length model of the Victory comes with the exquisite detail of the original now resting at Portsmouth. Series - Atlantis Over -->
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80836 USS CONSTITUTION 110cm (ATLANTIS SERIES) ref:5501394

Series - Atlantis Overall length - 43.3ins (110cm) Height - 30.3ins Width - 15ins Scale - 1:82 -->
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80823 SAN MATEO GALLEON 80cm ref:5501383

An 800-ton sixteenth century Spanish galleon from the reign of Phillip II, belonging to the Indies run. This is a typical example of the famous and definitive Spanish galleon; a mix of fighting ship & cargo ship. Series - Atlantis Ov -->
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80824 HMS PANDORA 78cm ref:5501384

The HMS Pandora was a 24 gun frigate built at Deptford in 1779. The 20 and 24 gun classes were the smallest ships built by the Navy. The Pandora is best known for her voyage to Tahiti to bring back the Bounty mutineers. Fourteen of them were captured at T -->
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80832 ENDEAVOUR 78cm (ATLANTIS SERIES) ref:5501395

Series - Atlantis Overall length - 30.7ins (78cm) Height - 25.5ins Width - 9.5ins Scale - 1:60 -->
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80817 H.M.S. BOUNTY 1787 76cm ref:5501377

HMS Bounty will always be remembered for the dramatic mutiny led by Fletcher Christian against Captain Bligh whilst on a voyage to Tahiti. Fletcher and his mutineers set Bligh adrift in a longboat along with eighteen members of the crew. Series - A -->
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80819 MAYFLOWER 1620 70cm ref:5501379

The Pilgrim Fathers ship. In 1620 the Mayflower left the English port of Southampton with 102 pilgrims on board. After a crossing which took 77 days they landed at what is today Plymouth to become the famous founding fathers of the U.S.A. Series - -->
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80838 CUTTY SARK DUMBARTON 1869 76cm ref:5501381

This legendary ship was launched at Dumbarton on the river Clyde, Scotland, on the 22nd November 1869 and was especially designed for speed in the Clipper races. She now resides in dry dock by the River Thames at Greenwich, London. Series - Atlanti -->
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80837 ENTERPRISE 1799 LENGTH 77cm ref:5501382

The Enterprise was built in Maryland, USA in 1799 and took part in the siege of Tripoli in 1801. Kirk and Spock missed the boat though. Series - Atlantis Overall length - 32 ins (77cm) Height - 26.75 ins Width - 9.7 -->
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80835 LE POURQUOI-PAS 75cm ref:5501380

Series - Atlantis Overall length - 29.50 ins (75cm) Height - 18.75 ins Width - 8.25 ins Scale - 1:80 -->
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80830 CHRISTIAN RADICH 72.5cm ref:5501390

An Atlantis Series kit and as such is a highly detailed static display boat kit equipped with detailed construction plans and instructions. This plank on frame kit includes high quality strip wood and many pre-cut wooden parts, cast and turned metal fitti -->
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80826 HALIFAX 1768 65cm ref:5501364

Halifax saw action at the landing of the British Royal Navy in Boston 1775, and was most famous for her role in the burning of the port of Falmouth, Maine in 1776, the year of the American Revolution. This new exquisite version of the kit uses state-of-th -->
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80829 LADYSMITH TRAWLER 26cm ref:5501389

The Ladysmith was built at the Cochrane & Sons shipyard in Selby, Yorkshire in 1906. It had a steel hull and an alternating triple expansion steam engine capable of generating 69 bhp fed by a coal-fired tubular boiler producing steam at 180 psi and so -->
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80619 JUAN SEB. ELCANO 50cm ref:5501335

Cadet training ship of the Spanish navy rigged as a four-mast schooner and carrying square sails on her foremast. She was built at the Echev-arrieta shipyard and launched on the 5th of March 1927 in Cadiz. Series - Universal Overall leng -->
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80827 AMERICA SCHOONER 70cm ref:5501387

In 1851, the schooner America beat the 15 best British yachts in a race around the Isle of Wight in the south of England. The winning club challenged yachtsmen from around the world, offering the cup to any who might defeat the America. Thus was born the -->
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80825 LE CAMARET FISHING BOAT 52cm ref:5501385

An attractive French lobster fishing cutter built at the turn of this century. This type of ship fished mostly off the Atlantic coast of France. This deluxe kit features a great deal of deck detail relating directly to its fishing activities. Serie -->
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80834 (LOUISE) STEAM LAUNCH 46cm ref:5501376

Victorian steam launch of the type used on the River Thames and the various large lakes in the Lake District in the North of England. Series - Atlantis Overall length - 18.2 ins (46cm) Height - 8.25 ins Width - 3.2 -->
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80612 SANTA MARIA 38cm ref:5501342

It was the famous Santa Maria that reached America commanded by Christopher Columbus in 1492. Santa Maria was the best known oft hese caravel built ships and was crewed mainly by men from the Iberian peninsula. Series - Universal Overall -->
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80831 SILHOUET 48cm (ATLANTIS SERIES) ref:5501396

Series - Atlantis Overall length - 19ins (48cm) Height - 17.7ins Width - 4.75ins Scale - 1:60   -->
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80818 ELBE 'SEE EWER 1895 55cm ref:5501378

The design of the See Ewer goes back to the middle ages. They were used along the north sea coast of Germany and was very similar to that of the British and Dutch high sea barges. Series - Atlantis Overall length - 21.5 ins (55cm) -->
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80702 ALBATROS 51cm (ATLANTIS SERIES) ref:5501405

Series - Atlantis Initio Overall length - 20 ins (51cm) Height - 15.3ins Width - 6.3 ins Scale - 1:55 -->
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80703 CARMEN 47cm (ATLANTIS SERIES) ref:5501410

Series - Atlantis Initio Overall length - 18.5ins (47cm) Height - 16.5ins Width - 4.25ins Scale - 1:80 -->
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80615 FLYER (SCHOONER) 46cm ref:5501345

This is a replica of one of the many schooners, built in Baltimore to cover the tea routes. The majority of them were subsequently used as coast guards and during the war between the United States and England 1812-1815, known as the war of 1812. Se -->
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80616 UNION (SAILINGSHIP) 40cm ref:5501346

Brigantine, a sailing ship of about 40m in length, two masted and square rigged. These ships were much in use during the 18th and 19th century as a merchant ship and light warship and also served very well as coast guards and on shorter trips. Most of the -->
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80618 BLUENOSE II 38cm (UNIVERSAL SERIES) ref:5501397

Series - Universal Overall length - 15ins (38cm) Height - 12.2ins Width - ins Scale - 1:135 -->
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80620 ST. HELENA 45cm (UNIVERSAL SERIES) ref:5501398

Series - Universal Overall length - 17.8ins (45cm) Height - 13.7ins Width - 5.5ins Scale - 1:85 -->
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80621 HMS BOUNTY 39cm (UNIVERSAL SERIES) ref:5501399

Series - Universal Overall length - 15.3ins (39cm) Height - 13ins Width - 4.75ins Scale - 1:110 -->
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80312 ORIOLE (HO SCALE) ref:5501502

Series - HO Scale Scale - HO -->
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80419 CARABELA SANTA MARIA 24cm ref:5501306

This is Christopher Columbus' flagship, so why not discover your own new world by putting this one together. Series - Junior Overall length - 9 ins (24cm) Height - 9.75 ins -->
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80416 VIKING LONG BOAT 25cm ref:5501307

Although the Vikings pillaged, wore silly hats and generally behaved in a pretty nasty manner; they were masters at building beautiful and hard-wearing boats. This Constructo kit has loads of oars, colourful shields and striped sails, all of which makes t -->
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80420 BOUNTY 26cm ref:5501308

With this kit you can create your own mutiny on the kitchen table, just let your mind wander back to the days where Captain Bligh was sailing the seven seas. Series - Junior Overall length -10.5 ins (26cm) Height - 9 ins -->
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80421 BALTIMORE CLIPPER 29cm ref:5501309

Series - Junior Overall length -11.5 ins (29cm) Height - 9 ins -->
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80417 ENDEAVOUR YACHT 25cm ref:5501310

Yet another beautiful historic sailing ship recreated by Constructo. Series - Junior Overall length - 9.75 ins (25cm) Height - 14.25ins -->
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80418 SCHOONER 31cm ref:5501311

A classic trading boat. The Schooner comes with a pretty complement of sails and rigging which makes this a great looking model. Series - Junior Overall length - 12.25 ins (31cm) Height - 9.75 ins -->
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